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    Apex Global Meetings is delighted to announce and cordially invites all the participants across the globe to attend "Global Summit On Chemistry GSC2024 November 11-13, 2024 Dubai, UAE. Theme of the conference is “Modifying Chemistry with the Novelties that Accomplish Future Goals”. Scientific Tracks designed for this conference will enable the attendees and participants to learn extremes.

    GSC2024 aims to gather the renowned scientists, young and brilliant researchers, academicians, healthcare professionals, business delegates, and exceptional student communities across the globe under one roof and organize a healthy discussion so that the researchers and authors can present their work at the conference. GSC2024 provides a platform of international standards where you can discuss and share persuasive key advances in Chemistry. It will be hosting a forum of Plenary, Keynote, Invited lectures and Oral/Postal Presentations.

    We accept this gathering will be an exceptionally remunerating instructive and collaborative occasion for the attendees

    We look forward to your valuable presence at GSC2024 November 11-13- 2024, Dubai, UAE

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    Advances in renewable chemicals

    Atmospheric chemistry

    Analytical Chemistry


    Bio Materials and Medicinal Chemistry


    Biopolymer and Polymer chemistry


    Chemical Engineering

    Chemical sensors

    Chemistry for Sustainabiity

    Descriptive inorganic chemistry

    Drug Likeness

    Electrochemical cells and reactions

    Electro-Chemistry and Electro-Analytical Chemistry


    Forensic and Clinical Chemistry

    Future Scope of Chemistry


    Green Chemistry in Environment

    Hydrogen storage

    Inorganic chemistry of elements

    Interfacing Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

    Kinetics and mechanisms of reactions

    Leather Chemistry and Technology

    Lipid chemistry

    Macromolecular chemistry

    Mechanism based drug design

    Material Science

    Nuclear and Radio Chemistry

    Organic materials and supramolecular chemistry

    Petrochemistry and Process Engineering

    Research and Development of New Drugs

    Solar Fuels and Chemical Commodities

    Solid-state inorganic chemistry

    Solar Fuels and Chemical Commodities

    The Relationship between Structure and Activity

    Uranium chemistry

    Vaccine and Drug Delivery Systems

    Wastewater treatment with bioelectrochemical applications

    Volta metric measurements

    X-ray spectroscopy

    The Relationship between Structure and Activity

    Uranium chemistry

    Vaccine and Drug Delivery Systems

    Wastewater treatment with bioelectrochemical applications

    Volta metric measurements

    X-ray spectroscopy

    The global chemistry industry is a multifaceted and integral sector of the economy, with applications across various domains, including pharmaceuticals, materials, agriculture, energy, and more. This market analysis provides an overview of the chemistry industry, its current trends, opportunities, and challenges.

    The market size of the chemistry industry is estimated to be over $5 trillion in 2022. It is expected to experience steady growth in the coming years, driven by several factors. One significant driver is the increasing demand for pharmaceuticals. The ongoing global healthcare challenges have led to a surge in pharmaceutical and biotechnology product demand, which heavily relies on chemistry for drug discovery and development.

    Materials science is another area driving growth in the chemistry industry. Advancements in this field have led to innovations in electronics, construction, automotive, and more. Chemistry is at the forefront of developing new materials with improved properties and performance, catering to the evolving needs of these industries.

    The energy sector is undergoing a transformation with a strong focus on renewable energy sources and energy storage technologies. Chemistry plays a pivotal role in the development of batteries, solar cells, and other clean energy solutions. This segment presents substantial growth potential as the world seeks cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.

    In the agriculture sector, chemistry is instrumental in the development of fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified crops. As the global population continues to grow, the demand for sustainable and efficient agricultural solutions is increasing. This segment presents opportunities for chemistry to contribute to food security and sustainability.

    Overall, the chemistry industry is dynamic and essential in addressing global challenges, including healthcare, environmental sustainability, materials innovation, and clean energy. While opportunities for growth and innovation exist, challenges related to regulatory compliance, environmental responsibility, and the need for constant research and development also persist. Nevertheless, the industry is poised to continue its growth trajectory and remains a critical driver of technological progress and economic development worldwide.

    Important Dates

    Abstract Submission Deadline

    March 25, 2024

    Earlybird Registration Deadline

    March 20, 2024

    Standard Registration Deadline

    May 25,2024

    Onspot Registration

    November 11, 2024

    Scientific Committee

    Volen Atim

    Dr. Jinwei Zhang

    Hatherly Building, University of Exeter
    Volen Atim

    Asst.Prof. Dariusz Jacek Jakóbczak

    Koszalin University of Technology
    Volen Atim

    Dr. Naoufal Bahlawane

    Luxembourg Institute
    Volen Atim

    Dr. Maria Dalamagka

    General Hospital of Larisa

    Plenary Speakers

    Prof. Kenji Uchino

    The Pennsylvania State University
    H-index: 81

    Prof. Ole John Nielsen

    University of Copenhagen
    H-index: 55

    Prof. Hamidreza Siampour Ashkavandi

    Queen's University Belfast

    Dr. Vakhtang Barbakadze

    Tbilisi State Medical University

    Keynote Speakers

    Prof. Chintakindi Sanjay

    King Saud University
    Saudi Arabia

    Dr. Masoud Akhshik

    University of Toronto

    Dr. Mary Anbarasi Johnson

    Department of Pediatric Nursing
    College of Nursing CMC Vellore

    Invited Speakers

    Dr. Joanna Burger

    Rutgers University

    Dr. Tanveer ul Haq

    University of Sharjah

    Dr. Ahmed G Hegazi

    National Research Center

    Featured Speakers

    Dr. Babagana Ali

    Borno State University, Maiduguri

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    • 2 Coffee breaks and lunch for all the event days of the conference
    • Certificate of participation from Conference chair/ Session chair
    • Access to the all scientific sessions
    • Access to Business Development Sessions and Global Networking Session

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    • Best Oral, Poster and Young Research Forum (YRF) presentation awards
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